Sunday, November 29, 2009


hello..ppl out there long time didnt post already....cuz im 2 just wana tell everyone hu is reading my blog 2 GO FOR THE OMPH PROM'll b fun..believe me cuz there r lots of FOODDDD then v also hav DJ Justin mixing some cool songs...n also amazing just come n hav a great time.....if ur interested pls tell me..hehe add me in fb as hav fun tis hols..

Friday, November 20, 2009

hols r here..

hey..i felt boring so i started tis blog...sigh...i feel boring even its the first day of skul holiday...But there is 1 thing i cant believe...i gt no6 in the whole form. If u ask my friends they will tell u I wont study at skul. i'll oni study the subjects when strict teachers r teaching other than dat..i wont even touch the book...okok lets stop talking bout studies..tis holidays i'll b going 2 genting on 5dec..other than dat i think i'll stay at home fatt moing..xD..besides dat..i fell dat my friend's attitude is changing..aiyo..vry lc already..duno y..starting 2 hate him.....i rather him 2 drop class n get out of my sight..stupid ass later i'll b goin 2 tuition n then straight 2 church..aiyo tiring la..